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Solar Eclipse Blindness:

Have you suffered due to counterfeit solar eyewear or malfunctioning eclipse glasses?

Did you purchase solar eclipse glasses believing they would shield your eyes, only to experience vision problems afterward?

Did you purchase solar eclipse glasses believing they would shield your eyes, only to experience vision problems afterward? Our seasoned team of personal injury and product liability lawyers grasp the severe repercussions of misusing optical aids during astronomical events like solar eclipses, and we are ready to support you.

 Did your eyes get damaged from the solar eclipse?

Understanding the Necessity of Proper Eyewear

It’s crucial to utilize certified solar eclipse glasses to guard against the sun’s harmful emissions. These glasses are specifically engineered to filter out perilous ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays that can inflict severe ocular damage. Viewing the sun without adequate eye protection, especially during an eclipse, may cause solar blindness or solar retinopathy.  Adherence to the international standards set forth in the 2015 International Conference on ISO standards for solar viewing glasses or lenses cannot be overemphasized.  The International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) rating for safely viewing the Sun is ISO 12312-2:2015; or, it may be written as ISO 12312-2.  Moreover, claims of “NASA approval,” must be ignored as NASA does not endorse commercial products like solar eclipse glasses.

The Importance of ANSI Standards

Selecting solar eclipse glasses with the appropriate ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rating is essential for ensuring they meet safety and effectiveness criteria. Proper ANSI-rated glasses offer essential defense against solar radiation, minimizing eye injury risks.

Risks of Counterfeit Eyewear

Illegitimate or knock-off solar eclipse glasses present a significant threat to eye health, potentially leading to irreversible damage. These glasses often lack the necessary protective features, exposing your eyes to damaging UV and IR rays. And, the fact that your lenses or glasses have the correct ISO standard printed on them DOES NOT mean they are safe.  They could still be part of a counterfeit or defective production lot. The use of such substandard eyewear during solar events can cause solar retinopathy, where intense sunlight damages the retinal tissue.

Signs of Solar Retinopathy

• Slightly blurred vision or visual distortion

• Central vision loss

• Sensitivity to light or darkness

• Altered color perception

• Eye discomfort or pain

• Potential for permanent blindness

Immediate medical attention is crucial if you experience these symptoms after using non-genuine solar eyewear

Commitment to Your Rights

Our affiliated law firms are committed to advocating for victims injured by unsafe solar eclipse glasses. The aim is to secure compensation for your medical costs, pain, and suffering, and other damages stemming from ocular injuries.

Immediate Actions to Take


Contact an ophthalmologist immediately for a thorough eye examination.


Keep all purchase records, including receipts and bank statements, as evidence.

You can upload them below!


Preserve the glasses in question securely for potential legal examination.